Fleamarket Haul

I totally lucked out on the fleamarket last Saturday, I might as well call it a fleamarket haul. Alltogether I spent around 35 Euro, I think, and updated my spring wardrobe with quite a few pieces. I love it, when this happens, because every so often I can’t find anything on fleamarkets neither for me nor for the shop. So, this is what I found:

fleamarket haul 1

1. Bird Print Shirt from H&M, 2. Etinne Aigner Oxblood Leather sandals – too big for me, unfortunately, so these are going straight to the shop, 3. Cream H&M Chunky Knit Sweater, Powder Rose Cardigan from Benetton and Bershka Biker Jacket, 4. Black and White Striped Shirt by H&M – yes, I found lots of H&M stuff…

fleamarket haul 2

1. A couple of Vintage Paperdolls, with whom I am going to create some artwork for the shop, 2. Fingerfood Cooking Book (for my boyfriend), 3. Cute little rabbit, which is a children’s lamp actually, 4. a Floral Russian Scarf and a tartan scarf.

I especially love the tartan scarf and the biker jacket.




Bell Bottoms?

It’s official. Since last fall they’re back…. The Bell Bottoms! At this moment I’m not really sure, if I am going to jump on the bandwagon for this trend, but maybe I will. I should still have a pair from the 1990’s lying around here somewhere, because of my tendency of holding onto things for too long. I even owned a velvet one back then. From Miss Sixty. But… I prefer to wear skinny jeans these days. It usually takes some time until I adapt to a new cut of pants. I haven’t even gotten a ripped jeans yet, but maybe I’ll buy one someday, if I only look at enough streetstyle fotos featuring them. In case of the bell bottoms, I haven’t found a single vintage one for my shop yet. I wonder, if they all have been sold in the 1990’s and there is nothing left. Anyway, here are some inspiration fotos wih bell bottoms from the good old Seventies:



 Vintage Bell Bottoms - Schlaghosen (8)


Vintage Bell Bottoms - Schlaghosen (7)


   Vintage Bell Bottoms - Schlaghosen (4)


Vintage Bell Bottoms - Schlaghosen (6)


Vintage Bell Bottoms - Schlaghosen (5)


Vintage Bell Bottoms - Schlaghosen (3)


Vintage Bell Bottoms - Schlaghosen (2)


Vintage Bell Bottoms - Schlaghosen (1)


Inspiration Music – Tiny Dancer by Elton John:


Me Made Wednesday: Sewing a Scalloped Hem Dress

Sewing a Scalloped Hem Dress

Source: JCrew, Simplicity.com

I had my eye on this JCrew dress with scallops for some time now, when I decided to sew myself a similar one. So, I inspected the details of this dress a little more and found out how it was constructed and where the darts were. I felt a bit like  a copycat at this very moment… but I had this dark blue baby corduruoy fabric and it would have been perfect for a shift dress. Plus, I wanted it to have scallops. I chose Simplicity 1776 as a pattern to make the dress and I only knew at that moment how to make the scalloped hem, but I had no idea, how to make the scallops around the armpits. I decided to figure this out later and began with the dress. I must assume, I have a sewing teacher, who helps me out when I’m lost. Unfortunately I didn’t make any work in progress pictures to show you how to make the scalloped hem, but I did roughly go by this tutorial from Swellmayde, (you should definitely check out her site, if you’re somehow into diy):

scalloped hem tutorial

Source: Swellmayde

The scallops were actually pretty easy to sew, but one needed to sew slowly for being accurate, which is very important here. Despite of the tutorial I didn’t use zigzag and I folded the hem and sewed on the inside, So I turned the fabric over after cutting and top-stitched it, which you can see on the detail picture.

The armpits were sewn in a similar way, I used two layers of fabric, sewed the scallops and turned over, which was actually not the best idea, beacause when I wore the dress the first time, I ripped it… My sewing teacher indicated me to use some interfacing there, so to repair it, we made the scallops bigger and included some interfacing to make it stronger. So far, it didn’t rip again, and I consider this dress now as one of my most versatile dresses, which can be worn to work or for going out or almost everywhere.

On the pictures, I wear the dress with a red and white striped shirt, which I made after Burdastyle 123A from January 2011. I customized it by making it shorter, tighter and shortening the sleeves. This is a pretty easy shirt to make with a boater neck, which I certainly will be making again.





Dress: Me-Made, Shirt: Me-Made, Bag: Thrifted, Shoes: Thrifted, Tights: H&M

This is the first time, I posted something for Me-Made-Mittwoch. Click the banner to see, what the others are sharing:

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Peasant Blouses and How to Wear Them

Peasant Blouses are quite popular in my shop lately and they surely are a wardrobe staple for spring and summer that everyone should have in their closet. They are comfy and cute, they can even be dressed up, and more often they can be combined with denim in exchange for a tshirt for instance. Also, they are never out of fashion.

Here are a few of my Favourites of Streetstyle and Celebrity Pics wearing their peasant Blouses:

Taylor Swift rocking a peasant blouse in Central Park in New York City

1. Taylor Swift wearing a billowy white blouse in Central Park in New York City

Source: Cambio.com

Rosie Huntington-Whiteley wearing White Peasant Blouse with Skinny Jeans

2. Rosie Huntington-Whitely combines her white peasant blouse with black skinny jeans and brown boots.

Source: Whowhatwear.com

Camilla Belle wearing Peasant Blouse with Pencil Skirt

3. Camilla Belle dresses up her blue embroidered blouse while combining it with a brocade pencil skirt. This is a perfect example of how to make boho blouses suitable for going out in the evening.

Source: Harpersbazaar.com

Alexa Chung Wearing Red Embroidered Peasant Blouse

4. Alexa Chung wears her peasant blouse with cut-off denim shorts and black sandals. This is definitely a wardrobe staple for summer. i love this look. It looks effortless and cute.

Source: 25media.tumblr.com

Peasant Blouse Layered - Tokyo Streetstyle

5. This is a beautiful example of how to layer a peasant blouse for not so warm spring days, seen on the streets of Tokyo.

Source: Tokyofashion.com

Samara Weaving wearing Peasant Blouse and Maxi Skirt

6. Samara Weaving wearing a peasant blouse with a bohemian maxi skirt. This is my favourite combination for blouses like that, followed by the denim short.

How do you like to wear peasant blouses?

Source: Cleo.com.au



Style Icons: Carrie of Sex and the City

Sex and the City’s last episode had it’s ten year anniversary last Saturday and upon reading about it, I decided it was time to pack out the DVD of the SATC movie, which had been sitting in the shelf for ages and finally watch it, while I was ironing the spring collection for my shop. I almost immediately was hooked again, and I am watching the original series now beginning with the first episode from 1998. I still love it, love the dialogs, love the clothes, love everything about it! I’m at episode 13 now, so you can tell I either had a lot of ironing to do, or I’m just crazy…

I figured, it would only be fair to give Carrie of Sex and the City a feature here as a style icon, because she has been and still is a source of inspiration for me, so I picked 10 of my favourite Carrie outfits, that I found on Pinterest:

satc - carrie in Paris


Magnolia Bakery - New York - Sex and the City


satc - carrie samantha sailor style


satc - carrie in stripes


satc - carrie Paris


satc - carrie


satc - carrie petticoat


satc - carrie miranda midi skirts


satc - carrie peasant blouse


carie 80s dress


If you are also a fan of Carrie’s outfits, I picked a few clothes from my shop which I think, she would wear and made a collection in her honour, you can find them here.



Happy Holidays!

I wish all my customers and readers a Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays! Thank you so much for following along and I hope to see you again next year! Until then I’ll leave you with a couple of quirky and cute vintage Christmas greeting cards, that I have found on Pinterest lately.

vintage christmas card

vintage christmas card (2)

vintage christmas card (3)

vintage christmas card (4)

vintage christmas card (1)

all images via Pinterest.com


Friday Favourites: Fair Denim

I actually took a second hand pledge this year, which means I only buy second hand clothing, except tights, shoes and underwear, which makes it a bit difficult for me to buy jeans, As much as I love vintage clothing, I can’t seem to find any decent jeans. Plus, there is the fitting issue. If I find a good pair, most likely it will not fit. So, I’m stuck with my old ones so far… I spent some time on the internet lately to find jeans, that are not sweatshop made and produced under fair conditions, because I had seen some really terrifying documentaries about the denim industry. So, if I buy a new pair, it would have to be a fairly produced one. This week’s Friday Favourites feature a few of the brands, that I have found so far:

1. Skinny Jeans – Kuyichi Jeans Nova, which is available in different colours, such as here in deep blue and here in a lighter shade of blue. The label Kuyichi produces denim clothing, made of organic cotton, made under fair trade conditions in Peru, Turkey and India:

Fair Denimimage via marlowe-nature.de

2. Denim Skirts – The label Manomama is quite new and produces entirely in Germany. It has recently been nomineed as the first Social Business of textile industry in Germany. They also have trousers and other non-denim clothing, but I picked a denim skirt here, because these are quite hard to find among the fair denim market. The clothes are made of fairly produced organic cotton:

Fair Denim (1)image via Manomama.de

3. For curvy girls: Pearls of Laja is a Munich based label, that has quite a collection of different cuts, which flatter all sorts of womenly figures. All clothes are made of GOTS-certified organic cotton:

Fair Denim (3)image via Pearls of Laja

4. For Men: The label Nudie offers fairly produced denim for both men and women. Nudie is a Swedish label which has been founded by former Lee Europe designer Maria Erixon in 2000. Since 2012 they use entirely organic cotton for their collections.

Fair Denim (2)image via Avocadostore.de

5. Straight and high waisted – my favourite cut on jeans is this one. It’s from Monkey Genes, made of organic cotton, that is Soil Association Certified. It’s also available in black! I tend to shy away from new black clothes, because you never know, which polluted dye they used, but this one’s organic and certified.

Fair Denim (4)image via Fashion-Conscience.com


Friday Favourites: Woodland

Fall is the perfect season to take long walks in the forest, so I dedicated this week’s Friday Favourites to all things woodland.

Woodland (1)1. Beautiful woodland mobile with felt animals. This would be the perfect gift for my nephew, but unfortunately it’s a bit out of my price-range, found here: Foxfelts


Woodland (3)2. The perfect outfit to take a long walk in the forest and yet be tremendously stylish, found at The Clothes Horse


Woodland3. Woodland tea towel to bring the forest into your kitchen, seen at the club of odd volumes


Woodland (2)4. Fox print rain boots, these are definitely a must-have. I love foxes. These can be found here, picture via Oleander and Palm


Woodland (5)5. Wonderful tree fotography, if you don’t have a forest near you, you can take a stroll throughout this site: World’s most beautiful Trees Photography


I might as well wear this outfit in fall

Vintage 1990's Mini Dress with Cardigan - outfit

Vintage 1990's Mini Dress with Cardigan - outfit (1)

Vintage 1990's Mini Dress with Cardigan - outfit (5)

Vintage 1990's Mini Dress with Cardigan - outfit (2)

Vintage 1990's Mini Dress with Cardigan - outfit (3)

Vintage 1990's Mini Dress with Cardigan - outfit (4)

One might consider this as a fall outfit, but these pictures were taken one day before my birthday in spring and I had given a lot of thought into age-appropriateness of clothing during those days. I hope it was just a sickness, that flew by quickly… (it didn’t, it took until June, when I finally got my fringe back). Anyway, I was wondering, if I could still get away with wearing mini dresses, even if they had fall colours and were worn in the middle of May. But, the weather  actually seemed like October weather and, so I was drawn to fall colours like mustard and black, I just couldn’t help it.

The dress is a vintage 1990’s dress, which I wanted to sell in my shop (because it is short), but decided to keep (because it is short). I think it matches well with some clothes I own and I might even try to wear it in summer and style it summerly (no, I won’t).

Well, I had this post sitting around here as a draft since May, so I think it is only fair to finally post it in October, I guess you wouldn’t notice anyway with all the fall colours I am wearing (okay, green leafs and ducklings…).


Thinking about age, I thought this post could be used to share a few stylish bloggers over 30 from my reader:

My Vintage Curves: beautiful blog curated by Antonietta from Southern Italy (envy!)

The Style Confessions: Heather will answer your style questions with a beautiful sketch

Not Dressed as Lamb: Fashion Inspiration and Outfit Posts from British Style Blogger Catherine

Mademoiselle Robot: Must-read, love her writing and she’s always ahead of trends.

Liebemarlene: one of my favourite blogs since I started to read blogs. She has the loveliest posts about her traveling and finds always new labels I haven’t heard of before.

The Citizen Rosebud: Vintage Shop Owner Bella Q has not only wonderful quirky outfit inspirations, she also has collected quite a large blogroll of fashion bloggers over 40, you should definitely check out.





Leopard Ladies

I have always been a bit undecided towards leopard print. There were times, when I loved it. I used to wear leopard print tights and shirts back then, I think this was in the 1990’s, but also there have been times I didn’t like it, when I found it a bit tacky. Maybe because it has been heavily used by the fashion industry lately leading to cheap chain stores being flooded with shiny polyester leopard print things and eventually people wearing them that made me shy away from it.

But I always wanted to have a leopard print coat, I always wanted a leopard cardi to combine with classy clothes or skinny jeans. And I always wanted leopard print shoes. As for the shoes, I bought them this year at Zara and I really love them with stripes or floral prints. I can’t believe how versatile this print is. This weekend on the fleamarket I scored a vintage 1960’s leopard print coat in the best vintage condition. But it’s a bit big on me, so, good news for you, it’s going to the shop soon.

Until then I leave you with pictures of these classy ladies from vintage Hollywood, which proof that leopard print is in fact anything, but tacky:
leopard print hat audrey hepburnAudrey Hepburn with a leopard print hat plus red jacket. You can always style leopard with a bold colour and still look classy and cute.

leopard print coat jackie kennedyJackie Kennedy. I know, she has nothing to do with Hollywood, but still, she was one of the main style icons of the 1960’s, who even had a dress style named after herself. I wonder if any first ladies of today would wear a coat like that, presumably not, but maybe they should…

leopard-print-coat-ursula-andressBond Girl Ursula Andress wearing leopard from top to bottom.

leopard-print-coat-sophia-leopardSophia Loren with leopard print (at least I hope it’s print) coat and a fur hat, plus big glasses.

Marilyn Monroe and Tommy NoonanMarilyn Monroe sporting leopard accessories with a solid black dress.

coat-leopard-liz-671x1024Liz Taylor wearing a beautiful leopard print coat and shoes.



Jane Russell in a shorter leopard print jacket and sunglasses(?).


Bette Davis in leopard print coat and dramatic eyes and lips.


Ann Bancroft as Mrs. Robinson wearing leopard print, too.


coat-grace-kellyGrace Kelly wearing a longer leopard print coat. I actually wouldn’t had imagined her wearing leopard, but apparently she did. The longer length of this coat undermines its’ elegance and sophisticatedness.


coat-bridgetteI love the style of Brigitte Bardot’s coat and collar.

sneak peekVintage 1960’s leopard print coat found by me, coming soon to the shop. I think it resembles the coat Liz Taylor is wearing in the picture above.

What about you, do you like leopard print or hate it?

Do you like leopard print?

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all images, except the last one via Moviestarmakeover.com


Shop Update: Fall Clothes

Vintage Shop Fall Items

Last week I updated the shop with a couple of fall clothing items, a lovely vintage dirndl, a souvenir scarf, a wool scarf, a vintage prairie dress from the 1970’s and much more… You can find them in the Etsy-Shop or Dawanda-Shop.

Today I am going to take pictures all day, at least when the sun comes out, because I have so much more to come. We had too much rain and cloudy days lately, so I am way behind with picture taking… Please drop in next week, to see the things I’ll be listing.