Friday Favourites: Fair Denim

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I actually took a second hand pledge this year, which means I only buy second hand clothing, except tights, shoes and underwear, which makes it a bit difficult for me to buy jeans, As much as I love vintage clothing, I can’t seem to find any decent jeans. Plus, there is the fitting issue. If I find a good pair, most likely it will not fit. So, I’m stuck with my old ones so far… I spent some time on the internet lately to find jeans, that are not sweatshop made and produced under fair conditions, because I had seen some really terrifying documentaries about the denim industry. So, if I buy a new pair, it would have to be a fairly produced one. This week’s Friday Favourites feature a few of the brands, that I have found so far:

1. Skinny Jeans – Kuyichi Jeans Nova, which is available in different colours, such as here in deep blue and here in a lighter shade of blue. The label Kuyichi produces denim clothing, made of organic cotton, made under fair trade conditions in Peru, Turkey and India:

Fair Denimimage via marlowe-nature.de

2. Denim Skirts – The label Manomama is quite new and produces entirely in Germany. It has recently been nomineed as the first Social Business of textile industry in Germany. They also have trousers and other non-denim clothing, but I picked a denim skirt here, because these are quite hard to find among the fair denim market. The clothes are made of fairly produced organic cotton:

Fair Denim (1)image via Manomama.de

3. For curvy girls: Pearls of Laja is a Munich based label, that has quite a collection of different cuts, which flatter all sorts of womenly figures. All clothes are made of GOTS-certified organic cotton:

Fair Denim (3)image via Pearls of Laja

4. For Men: The label Nudie offers fairly produced denim for both men and women. Nudie is a Swedish label which has been founded by former Lee Europe designer Maria Erixon in 2000. Since 2012 they use entirely organic cotton for their collections.

Fair Denim (2)image via Avocadostore.de

5. Straight and high waisted – my favourite cut on jeans is this one. It’s from Monkey Genes, made of organic cotton, that is Soil Association Certified. It’s also available in black! I tend to shy away from new black clothes, because you never know, which polluted dye they used, but this one’s organic and certified.

Fair Denim (4)image via Fashion-Conscience.com


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