Friday Favourites: Woodland

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Fall is the perfect season to take long walks in the forest, so I dedicated this week’s Friday Favourites to all things woodland.

Woodland (1)1. Beautiful woodland mobile with felt animals. This would be the perfect gift for my nephew, but unfortunately it’s a bit out of my price-range, found here: Foxfelts


Woodland (3)2. The perfect outfit to take a long walk in the forest and yet be tremendously stylish, found at The Clothes Horse


Woodland3. Woodland tea towel to bring the forest into your kitchen, seen at the club of odd volumes


Woodland (2)4. Fox print rain boots, these are definitely a must-have. I love foxes. These can be found here, picture via Oleander and Palm


Woodland (5)5. Wonderful tree fotography, if you don’t have a forest near you, you can take a stroll throughout this site: World’s most beautiful Trees Photography


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