Me Made Wednesday: Sewing a Scalloped Hem Dress

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Sewing a Scalloped Hem Dress

Source: JCrew, Simplicity.com

I had my eye on this JCrew dress with scallops for some time now, when I decided to sew myself a similar one. So, I inspected the details of this dress a little more and found out how it was constructed and where the darts were. I felt a bit like  a copycat at this very moment… but I had this dark blue baby corduruoy fabric and it would have been perfect for a shift dress. Plus, I wanted it to have scallops. I chose Simplicity 1776 as a pattern to make the dress and I only knew at that moment how to make the scalloped hem, but I had no idea, how to make the scallops around the armpits. I decided to figure this out later and began with the dress. I must assume, I have a sewing teacher, who helps me out when I’m lost. Unfortunately I didn’t make any work in progress pictures to show you how to make the scalloped hem, but I did roughly go by this tutorial from Swellmayde, (you should definitely check out her site, if you’re somehow into diy):

scalloped hem tutorial

Source: Swellmayde

The scallops were actually pretty easy to sew, but one needed to sew slowly for being accurate, which is very important here. Despite of the tutorial I didn’t use zigzag and I folded the hem and sewed on the inside, So I turned the fabric over after cutting and top-stitched it, which you can see on the detail picture.

The armpits were sewn in a similar way, I used two layers of fabric, sewed the scallops and turned over, which was actually not the best idea, beacause when I wore the dress the first time, I ripped it… My sewing teacher indicated me to use some interfacing there, so to repair it, we made the scallops bigger and included some interfacing to make it stronger. So far, it didn’t rip again, and I consider this dress now as one of my most versatile dresses, which can be worn to work or for going out or almost everywhere.

On the pictures, I wear the dress with a red and white striped shirt, which I made after Burdastyle 123A from January 2011. I customized it by making it shorter, tighter and shortening the sleeves. This is a pretty easy shirt to make with a boater neck, which I certainly will be making again.





Dress: Me-Made, Shirt: Me-Made, Bag: Thrifted, Shoes: Thrifted, Tights: H&M

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5 comments on “Me Made Wednesday: Sewing a Scalloped Hem Dress

  1. schildkroete

    Nice Idea, I like this hem, a wonderful dress!
    Kind regards

    1. Paperdoll

      Thanks, Sabine. I like this hem, too. I already made a skirt with it before.

  2. Verena

    Great idea! I love your skirt or dress? dosn’t matter, it’s beautyfull anyway. Verena

    1. Paperdoll

      Thanks, Verena! It’s a dress.

  3. Susanne

    Such a sweet dress. So well made.

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